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XulApp logo An Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for developing XUL Applications. XulApp is itself written using those same technologies.

Project Goals

This project has been founded to create an Interactive Development Environment for developing XUL applications. Initially the scope will be limited to applications which run within the Firefox browser.


Outline requirements for the XulApp project are presented.

Help Wanted

This project is a huge undertaking and presents some challenging programming. Help of all types is needed. All contributions are extremely welcome, both in terms of code or ideas.

XulApp Redesign

XulApp is being redeveloped from the ground up. The intent is to make XulApp into a shell for downloadable components - much like the Eclipse IDE, but specialized for Mozilla development.

Project History

XulApp was first developed in 2001, and demonstrated at Netscape Developer Days in Nov 2002. However, the project languished due to some show stopping Mozilla bugs. I have recently removed the bit rot from the original version and in the process found that some of the bugs have been fixed and also discovered workarounds for some of the others. The current version represents a prototype and will require extensive re-design. However, it offers the following features (some of which haven't been fixed yet):

The xulapp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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