At this time XulApp products are available mainly for developers.
Feel free to download - but don't use them for production use.


Download Firefox For the time being XulApp will not run under the Mozilla browser. It is necessary to download and install the Firefox browser. The latest release is available from

You should opt for the Customized Install and select the Development Tools option.

Switch to the Firefox Browser The following steps will not work in any other browser.
Install the Venkman Javascript Debugger This can be obtained and installed from
Allow to install extensions If you have previously installed any XulApp product you may skip this step.
Otherwise, you will need to add to the whitelist of sites allowed to install extensions:
  • Enter about:config in the Firefox URL box.
  • Scroll down to the entry for xpinstall.whitelist.add and double click on the value column. Enter in the dialog box and click OK.

XulApp Products

Product Description Requires Change Log
xulapp0.2.13 The original XulApp Application Venkman
DOM Inspector

The following products are temporary until the XulApp configuration manager is finished:

Product Description Documentation Requires Change Log
xalib0.1.1 XaLib Utility Library. here None. changes
testsparql0.1.1 Form for testing queries to the SPARQL query engine.

Type the following url in your browser:
chrome://testsparql/content/TestQry.xul (case is significant).
Click the Directory icon and select Predefined. A combo box of tests should appear. Select a test and click the red triangle to run it. Note that some tests may not produce results on your machine as the tests are based on local rdf files, which may differ from machine to machine.

None xalib0.1.1 changes

The xulapp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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