Download XulApp Original Version

At this time XulApp is available mainly for developers.
Feel free to download XulApp - but it is not ready for production use.

Changes can be viewed here.

First download Firefox

For the time being XulApp will not run under Mozilla browser. It is necessary to download and install the Firefox browser. The latest release is available from Some bugs in Firefox impact Xul App. When fixes for these bugs become available, you may require the latest nightly build for your platform. I will try to keep you informed.

You should opt for the Customized Install and select the Development Tools option.

Then switch to the Firefox Browser

The following steps will not work in any other browser.

Then install the Venkman Javascript Debugger

This can be obtained and installed from

Allow to install extensions

If you have previously installed XulApp you may skip this step.
Otherwise, you will need to add to the whitelist of sites allowed to install extensions:

Then install XulApp

The latest version is 0.2 Build 13. Install Now
If the Download Manager is displayed instead of the Install Manager please save the xulapp0.2.13.xpi file to disk. You may then install XulApp by opening this file in Firefox from menu File>Open File.

I have not yet attempted to add Start Menu or Desktop shortcuts as part of the install.
You should set up a batch file to invoke XulApp as follows:

firefox.exe -chrome chrome://xulapp/content/xulapp.xul

It is a good idea to add the directory where you have installed firefox to your path environment variable.


  1. If you previously installed an earlier version than 0.2.11 you may need to perform the install twice. This first install should remove the Zombie entry which said it was going to be uninstalled next restart (but never was). The second install should then do the trick.
  2. I can install correctly and run on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP SP2. I have no reports of Linux or Mac installs.
  3. If Firefox hangs when you launch XulApp please check that Venkman (Downloadable Extension) and DOM Inspector (Installation option) are installed. I will remove these requirements in an upcomming version.


XulApp is in the early stages of development.

The xulapp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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