Project Goals

This project has been founded to create an Interactive Development Environment for developing XUL applications. Initially the scope will be limited to applications which run within the Firefox browser. The following goals have been established:

  1. Xulapp must offer a soup to nuts solution for developing applications; from requirements, to creating forms and code, to packaging and deployment.
  2. XulApp must be extensible so that new tools and features can be downloaded and intalled as browser extensions. The Eclipse, Net Beans and Visual Studio IDE's have similar extensibility.
  3. XulApp must be written using the same XUL/CSS/Javascript, scriptable XPCOM technologies as Firefox itself.
  4. Bootstrapable. The above item means that as new features are added, XulApp will become more capable of producing those extensions.
  5. Recourse to other programming environments should be limited. Such dependencies must be removed if the required feature becomes available directly e.g. writing to jar archive files.
  6. If possible the features of XulApp should be available to other scripting languages e.g. Python.

The xulapp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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