Change log

Release Version 0.2 Build 8 Date: 2005-JAN-12

Startup project again after three year freeze.
  Change Notes
18 FIX Rework code to get working again due to intervening Mozilla/Firefox changes.. 1. The RelaxNG validation is not hooked up to the XML Editor.
2. The JS Editor is broken as the moz editor api has undergone major changes.

Release Version 0.2 Build 7 Date: 2001-NOV-05

  Change Notes
16 FIX New Project dialog is now sized to fit contents. In build 6 the dialog buttons were not accessible.
17 FIX XulApp main form: The name column has been given a minimum width of 100 pixels. On a new installation this column was being given zero width which puzzled new users.

Release Version 0.2 Build 6 Date: 2001-NOV-03.

  Change Notes
09 NEW You can now save XUL designs. The output is prettied - so original formatting is lost.
10 NEW You can now optionally generate DTD localization ENTITY's.
  • A project setting (see xap file) controls this option.
  • The DTD is saved in the current locale as determined by the DOCTYPE systemid directive. Changing the locale will assist natural language translation.
  • The XUL source is amended to reference to ENTITY definitions.
  • No original DTD Comments are saved/possible
  • Future: An option to save the first comment from the XUL file will be added. This should catch the license comment in most files.
  • Future: The DOCTYPE systemid will be maintained by Xul App to be the same name as the "xul" file with a "dtd" extension.
    This will prevent the inadvertent destruction of the original DTD file when an XUL document is saved under a new name.
11 NEW Widgets revised to conform to latest syntax.  
12 NEW Additional widgets and attributes configured.
  • The Wizard widget does not display correctly in form view, but does work when executed.
  • Much more work is needed to complete to the collection of widgets and attributes.
  • The PCDATA variant of the <description> widget is not yet possible.
13 NEW Widgets for <template> processing have been added. The form view does not show any generated data, but the designs work when executed.
14 NEW You can now run an XUL design from the Project form. .
15 NEW Hooks into the new Venkman Javascript debugger have been added.  

Release Version 0.1 Build 5 Date:2001-MAY-20

  Change Notes
06 NEW You can now delete widgets from the widget tree.  
07 FIX Widget selection corrected. Widget selection on the Form Viewer now selects the same widget on the Widget Editor and makes sure it is visible.
08 FIX Widget Editor now updated when properties change.. See #03, #04, #05.

Release Version 0.1 Build 4 2001-MAY-18

  Change Notes
01 NEW Additional widgets added to toolbar. The set of widgets is now nearly complete. A system of widget templates is used so that dropping a item will create the correct set of parents for that item depending on context. The template system is not yet complete (e.g. trees).
02 NEW Drag&drop editing of widget tree. You can now drag widgets around the widget tree. The control key can be used during a drop to create a copy. Only single widgets can be dragged - but dragging a container also drags its contents.
03 NEW You can now edit widget properties. At the moment the widget tree does not reflect those changes.
04 NEW You can now edit comments. At the moment the widget tree does not reflect those changes. You can not add comments as this has not yet been implemented by Mozilla.
05 NEW You can now edit Processing Instructions. At the moment the widget tree does not reflect those changes. The syntax of the PI is not checked - so be careful.

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